Early Occult Tarots: Images and/or Descriptions

The Tarot of R. Falconnier (1896)

These Tarot cards descriptions are found in the French book,  

The book was first published in 1896 (see Decker, Depaulis and Dummett in A Wicked Pack of Cards for details). I don't know of it ever having been translated into other languages.  
I have a 1976 reprint edition issued by Collection Belisane of Nice. The texts and images below come therefrom. Note that Falconnier essentially uses earlier Paul Christian's descriptions but renames some of them and puts L'ATHEE (Atheist/Fool) after LA COURONNE (Crown/World), and makes the LA NUIT (Night/Moon) card # 22 instead of # 18. This is a very unusual arrangement, not substantiated in the book. The "lames" (cards) were drawn by a Maurice (Mce) Otto Wegener. These images were later used with some minor changes for the Tarot of "Saint-Germain" and, with more editing, for The Brotherhood of Light Tarot. I have presented the texts as graphic files, so it may take some time for this page to download. The magical letters you see in the top of each Arcana text  were also borrowed by Falconnier from Paul Christian

 Early Occult Tarots: Images and/or Descriptions