C.C. Zain
The Hermetic System of Natal Astrology
(from the Course 10, Natal Astrology)
The Hermetic System of Natal Astrology is different from the systems that today find favor with the vast majority of astrologers only in that it embraces additional features. It departs from prevalent methods seldom, and then only where experience, based on thousands of charts analyzed by The Church of Light Research Department, proves those methods in error. But in addition to the factors commonly employed by the most successful astrologers, it contains others which promote greater precision, and which give the science far greater practical utility.

As lending itself to precision, instead of rules so general in application as to be vague, a definite and specific statement is presented for each position, aspect and relation found in the chart. Natal astrology is not divination; although a wide variety of systems may be devised of using astrology as a divinatory agent, any one of which in the hands of an expert will yield good results. Instead, it is the actual measurement of those thought-elements within a certain person, and a mapping of their relations to each other which express as his character; and the plotting of when these factors of his character will be stimulated into a given activity and will thus tend to attract events of a specific type.

A Person Receiving a Birth-Chart Should Be Told What It Represents.

A birth-chart is an accurate map of those thought components within the astral body which constitute the character with which the individual was born. In its ascent through innumerable lower forms of life, the soul had experiences of various kinds. The awareness and emotions accompanying these experiences built thought-elements into the high-velocity, or stellar, body. Through other experiences these thought-elements became organized as stellar cells, and these in turn into dynamic stellar structures.

The most powerful of these thought-structures in the astral body are mapped by the planets in the birth-chart; and their outstanding relations to other dynamic thought-structures are mapped by the aspects in the birth-chart.

Thoughts, in the sense we here use the term, embrace every form of consciousness and include the sensations felt by even the lowest forms of life. All life-forms react to environment through an awareness which builds mental elements into their finer forms. And a birth-chart is a map of an individual's character, that is, of the thought organizations of his finer body.

These thought-groups and the way they are organized thus indicate the natural aptitudes with which the individual was born, and also, because the thought-cells, or stellar-cells, work from the inner plane to demonstrate the kind of events they desire, the type of events that will come into the life unless some effort is made to change the character, that is, to change the thought-combinations in the finer form. When the individual receiving a reading understands this, he will no longer consider his birth-chart as an instrument of fatality. Instead, he will perceive that it shows him what changes in his character he must make to improve his destiny; and that his destiny can thus be improved.

In Connection With Each Department of Life Should Be Shown What Will Be Attracted, and Why, if Nothing Special Is Done About It.

The houses of a birth-chart map the compartments in the astral body which contain the thought-cells and thought-structures relating to each of the 12 departments of life. The planet in a house, or ruling it by sign, maps the most active thought-structures in the astral body which have an influence upon the department of life so designated.

The thought-elements mapped by a planet are of the type indicated by that planet. This determines the type of activity they possess: aggressive, social, domestic, abundance, poverty, etc.

These thought-elements are combined with the thought-elements mapped by other planets to form the stellar-cells of which the astral body is composed. That is, even as all living physical matter is composed of protoplasm, which is a combination of chemical elements, so is the high-velocity astral body composed of psychoplasm formed of thought-elements in various kinds of combinations.

The physical body is built of cells of protoplasm and their secretions, and the astral body, wherein resides the character, is built of thought-cells, or stellar-cells as they also are called. These stellar-cells are not all alike, but are composed of thought-elements of various kinds and in different proportions. They, in turn, enter into the formation of stellar structures, just as the physical cells are organized into the bony structure, the muscular structure, the nervous structure, etc., of the physical body.

The manner in which the elements have combined to produce thought-cells and stellar structures in the astral body is mapped in the birth-chart by the aspects between the planets which rule the different types of thought-elements.

An aspect, furthermore, indicates that a line has been built across the astral body which has the function of picking up, radio fashion, the vibratory energies radiated by the two planets involved in the aspect. That is, it performs the function of a stellar aerial by which new energy reaches the thought-cells in the astral body and gives them the power to do work from the high-velocity plane where they reside.

The planet in, or otherwise ruling, a house in a birth-chart thus indicates by its nature the kind of thought-elements that are dominant in relation to a certain department of life--such as health, finances, marriage, honor, etc.--and by its aspects to other planets indicates how these thought-elements have combined with other thought-elements, and the amount of harmony or discord they tend to express.

From the volume and type of energy these thought-elements express, together with their harmonious or discordant relations to other departments of life, as indicated by the aspects which map both stellar aerials and the way the thought-elements at either end of the aerial have combined, can be estimated both the natural aptitudes of the individual in reference to the things thus designated, and whether, and to what extent, he will attract fortune or misfortune in reference to this department of life.

Whatever comes to him, of course, is the result of his own character; the aptitudes and normal activities of which are mapped in the birth-chart. Every complete reading of a birth-chart, therefore, should dene the aptitudes and indicate what, unless special steps are taken to alter the destiny, may be expected in each of the 12 departments of the individual's life.

It Should Be Shown What Can Be Done About Changing the Destiny of Each Department of Life.

Of what benefit is it to an individual to understand what a birth-chart is, and what kind of fortune he may expect in each of the 12 departments of life, unless he also knows what can be done to make his destiny more satisfactory?

The value of understanding what a birth-chart is, and what normally may be expected from its positions (thoroughly set forth in this course), is that this also points the way to what can be done, in reference to each department of life, to attract events and conditions more to the liking. That is, if both the abilities and the fortune or misfortune attracted in reference to business, money, marriage, honor, friends, etc., are due to organizations and activities of thought-energies within the astral form, by changing these organizations and activities the abilities and fortune both will be altered.

So far as health is concerned, Course XVI gives the more common birth-chart indications, and also the more common progressed indications, of 160 different diseases, and what should be done to prevent these birth predispositions from developing diseases. In the reference book, Body Disease and Its Stellar Treatment, the statistical analysis of 700 birth-charts progressed to the time of one of seven common diseases is presented, together with a detailed explanation of the proper precautionary measures. In the reference book, How to Select a Vocation, there is statistical analysis of 3,000 birth-charts and 30 vocations, which is presented in such a way as completely to cover the subject of astrological vocational selection. And in the reference book, When and What Events Will Happen, there is the statistical analysis of 2,000 charts progressed to the time of events, and explanation of the precautionary actions that must be taken to make each type of event analyzed more fortunate.

Course IX goes into the details of how to change, in the most beneficial manner, the thought-cell composition, and the desires of the thought-cells, within the astral body. And the present course treats natal astrology very thoroughly from the standpoint of the best thing to be done in relation to each position of the birth-chart and each progressed aspect.

I believe the skill of an astrologer, and his real worth, should be measured by his ability to instruct his client on the best possible method of making those changes in himself and his environment that will enable him, in each of the 12 departments of his life, to have a far better destiny than his birth-chart otherwise indicates; and I believe that such valuable information should form an essential part of every complete birth-chart reading.

The Person Receiving a Reading Should Be Told What a Progressed Aspect Represents.

A progressed aspect may be inevitable in the heavens, like rain or snow, heat or cold, wind or calm; but its effect on the individual is determined by the way he handles it. It means that a temporary stellar aerial is built across his astral body, for the duration of the aspect, which picks up the energies of both planets involved; and picks them up either harmoniously or loaded with static, according to the nature of the aspect.

It is so much additional energy of a given kind, reaching the thought-cells in a certain compartment of the astral body, and causing them to become unusually active. It is the unusual inner-plane activities of these thought-cells which attract into the life at that time the indicated events.

The Person Receiving a Reading Should Be Told What Events Each Progressed Aspect During the Period Covered May Be Expected to Bring If Nothing Special Is Done About It.

That is, he should, in connection with each progressed aspect, be informed as to what thoughts, impulses and tendencies are stimulated in his unconscious mind, how they are stimulated, and what events may be expected to come into the life from the inner-plane work of these unusually active thought-cells.

The Person Receiving a Reading Should Be Told, In Connection With Each Progressed Aspect During the Period Covered, the Very Best Method of Causing the Energies to Attract, Not What They Otherwise Would, But What He Wants Them to Attract.

In PREDICTING EVENTS, for instance, is indicated what normally may be expected from a progressed aspect to each planet, what to do under a progressed affliction to each planet, and what to do under a favorable progressed aspect to each planet. And in this section of the course is indicated how Rallying Forces, the Environment, Mental Antidotes, and Conversion, may advantageously be employed. Course IX goes further into the details of properly directing thought-energies to change beneficially the factors mapped in the birth-chart or stimulated by progressed aspects.

The Person Receiving a Reading Should Be Given a Chart Correctly Erected for the Time of Day, as Well as for the Year, Month, Day, and Place of Birth.

Astrology has become so interwoven in the public mind with fortune-telling that great effort is needed to set people aright concerning the difference. All too often broadside mass readings and psychic readings are called astrological. But a correctly erected birth-chart for the TIME OF DAY of birth, will indicate that the factors for a personal reading have, at least, been calculated. Without the time of day of birth the house positions of the chart cannot be known, and unless the house positions of the chart are known, the compartment of the astral body whose thought-cells receive unusual amounts of energy cannot be determined. It is from the compartments of the astral body receiving energy of a special type and volume that the department of life affected must be ascertained.

It is true that astrology can be used as a divinatory instrument. It is probably the most valuable of all divinatory instruments, and certainly is more widely used as a divinatory instrument than any other. Horary astrology, for instance, is the use of astrology as an instrument of divination; and much of the advice appearing in current astrological literature is based upon the divinatory use of astrology. Nor is there here any intention of disparaging divination by astrology, by the tarot cards, by numbers, or by other well tested methods. A wide variety of systems may be devised, and have been devised, of using astrology as a divinatory agent, any one of which in the hands of an expert will yield good results.

But it cannot be emphasized often enough that Natal Astrology is something quite different in that it maps actual thought-organizations that comprise the character, and plots when these thought-organizations will receive additional energy of a given kind from the planets in such a manner as to cause them to work from their high-velocity plane to attract events of a corresponding nature into the life.

I am here presenting views as to what should be included in every complete reading of a birth-chart, quite well aware that as yet only a small section of the public has been educated to an appreciation of either the work involved in such a thorough reading, or of its tremendous value to the person possessing such a complete reading. I well realize that the astrologer cannot do the work here outlined for a few dollars.

Nor can the professional astrologer afford to give the detailed and constant study to a birth-chart that an individual is warranted in giving to his own. To his own chart any person will be amply repaid to give a great amount of time and attention; for it can be used as a ROAD MAP to guide the course of his life into channels of success he never could reach without its aid. In no other way can an individual gain so much from every department of his life as he can through the intelligent use of such a STELLAR MAP OF BIRTH.

What a Complete Astrological Reading Should Include.

In a matter that, through placing reliance on it, may change the whole course of life and destiny, cheap work, through proving unreliable, may prove terribly expensive. And if it is not of a character that warrants reliance being placed on it, it has no value. It, therefore, is my conviction that natal astrology will never be esteemed as highly as it merits until every complete reading contains these factors:

  1. The person receiving the reading should be told just what the birth-chart represents.
  2. He should be told, in connection with each department of life, what will be attracted, and why, if nothing special is done about it.
  3. He should be informed as to the best methods to follow to change the destiny of each department of life in the desired direction.
  4. He should be told what a progressed aspect represents.
  5. He should be told what events each progressed aspect during the period covered may be expected to attract if nothing special is done about it.
  6. In connection with each progressed aspect he should be told just what precautionary actions he should take to cause its energies to attract, not what they otherwise would, but what he desires.
  7. To show that the basis for such information is at hand he should be given an accurate erected chart for the TIME OF DAY of his birth on the day, month, and year of birth, in the geographical latitude and longitude of his birth.
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